A Brief Thought on Science

The “Thoughts on Magic” posts I’ve done the past two weeks now have me thinking about a slightly different but related topic, which continues a theme I’ve partially explored in my “Morals are For Men, Not Gods” series. As we’ve previously observed, the term “magician” in its biblical and historical sense can just as easily […]

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Thoughts on Magic, Part 2

This series examines a tendency in many Christian circles to automatically equate real-life witchcraft and sorcery with the imaginary forms of “magic” found within fantasy storylines. I make the case that doing so is to compare apples and oranges – and it’s grossly unfair to sincere Christians who enjoy both reading and writing within the […]

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Thoughts on Magic, Part 1

Christian fantasy writers usually encounter at least some objections from concerned fellow believers. These usually hinge on the “magical” aspects of their storylines and are bolstered by biblical passages like the following: “There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that […]

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The Patron

As compensation for my delay this week, I am pleased to announced that the first installment of The Gevaudan Chronicles – my series of prequel shorts to The Gevaudan Project is now available. Sign Up now to download The Patron free! Excerpt is available below. “The Devil’s agents may be of flesh and blood, may they not? – Arthur Conan […]

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Dreams of Living Death – Part 2

All it takes is a short walk through your local library or bookstore to see how integral the vampire legend has become to the popular imagination – and this says nothing of cinema. In our last installment, we (partially) examined the potential of this genre from a Christian viewpoint. This week’s approach will be somewhat […]

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