The Unseen Anthology

Exciting news! The Unseen Anthology has just been released on Amazon Kindle from 2 Tigers LLC! Check out the synopsis below!

Experience twelve uniquely different short stories, that spin tales of encounters with the Unseen. From birth and destruction by Nephilim, to faith and hope so intense it brings about a supernatural revelation; this compilation shows a diverse mix of how ordinary people cope, resolve and grow from their encounters with them. Get comfortable and lose yourself in these 12 short stories, 3 being excerpts of works from 1 published and 2 soon to be released by the following writers and authors; Marie-Colette Dimanche, Dr. Samantha V. Evans, Zita Grant, J. S. Helms, Gerrold Lo, Carole McDonnell, Mandy C. Moore, Clabe Polk, A. K. Preston, Tessa Stockton, Adam Steiger, and James Summers.

You heard right. The anthology includes a brand-new original short story from yours truly 🙂 Check the trailer and cover below!

Party Time

Available now on Amazon Kindle for just $4.99! Paperback version is on its way!

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