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Well, the last day of The Gevaudan Tour is finally here. A special thank you to all my my readers, reviewers, participants and fellow Voyagers as we bring it to a close. This will mark the start of a 2-week sabbatical for me, but don’t worry – I plan to return to my regular posting schedule immediately afterwords as I start on my next writing projects. For a final word before we sign off, check out my guest post with bestselling author Jon Del Arroz at where I discuss my first misadventurous foray into the publishing world and its lessons for other indie authors. 

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The Gevaudan Project


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The Gevaudan Project

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A team of naturalists find themselves facing a nightmare beyond anything they have ever known – and the product of unspeakable evil.

Philip Caster, a former Green Beret now working as a zoologist, leads an international team in Indonesia whose revolutionary new program may spell salvation for the endangered Sumatran tiger. They will release six artificially-conceived cubs into the wild, accompanied by their surrogate mothers. The effort will prove the feasibility of in vitro breeding as a new tool against extinction. But its success is overshadowed by the sudden emergence of a horror beyond reckoning. Something has been unleashed in the forests of Sumatra. A life-form never meant to walk the earth. One that claims humanity as its only prey. 

As death unfolds around them, Caster and his circle of friends must uncover the truth behind an abomination: the instrument of dark and all-too-human forces pursuing a twisted ideological vision. Their creation has killed already – and their plans will consume millions more.

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The Gevaudan Project

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