Dreams of Living Death – Part 1

Sigh… how did I get here? I’ll be up front. I’ve never been a fan of the vampire genre. I find the concept itself to be intrinsically disgusting, and many of contemporary storylines are suffused with darkly sensual themes and either borderline or explicitly demonic elements. But since my last topic involved human aspirations to […]

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Recent Developments

A special announcement to my fellow Voyagers, readers, and perhaps those visiting this site for the first time. There are points in every writer’s journey when they must acknowledge hard truths and make equally hard decisions. About two weeks ago, I had a development that has prompted a fresh reappraisal of my Author Platform. As […]

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As some of you may already know, I have recently begun posting on Quora. I hope to use this as an occasional source of blog topics going forward, and this is a bit of an experiment to see how well I can repurpose my content. The following is my answer to this question: What are […]

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Slight Delay

This is just to let everyone know that my usual Monday post will probably be about a day or so late this time. I’m trying something a little bit different this time. My apologies for the delay.

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