Signal Boost: A Light in The Darkness

Greetings, Voyagers! For all of you who enjoy original and well-written speculative fiction, I am taking a moment today to spotlight the Superversive Literary Movement – a movement devoted to heroic and uplifting stories, inspired by the ideas of essayist extraordinaire Tom Simon. They are currently seeking subscribers for A Light in the Darkness, a newsletter of Christian Fantasy and Science Fiction from Superversive Press.


This newsletter offers news of new releases, freebies such as e-booklets and wallpaper graphics, plus announcements of upcoming sales and other intriguing topics.

Seven Deadly Tales: A Collection of Faustian Bargains (Lou’s Bar & Grill)

The free e-booklets (short ebooks) subscribers receive access to include: “Sloth” by Superversive Press contributor Frank Luke. “Sloth” is a Twilight Zone like short story from Frank’s new book: Lou’s Bar and Grill: Seven Deadly Tales — a book of faith and Faustian bargains.

And, for those who are unclear on what the Superversive Literary Movement is, Holy Godzilla of the Apocalypse, a short ebook of popular articles from the original Superversive blog (original post available here), explains exactly what all the excitement is about. Visit their website at!

Click here to subscribe to A Light in the Darkness and get your copy tomorrow!




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