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Greetings, Voyagers! I’m officially back from my post-launch sabbatical. As a reward for your patience, I would like to officially announce my next novel, currently in-progress and which I expect to take me at least two years to finish. The first draft of the first chapter is currently available for download from my mailing list. As with the The Gevaudan Project, advance review copies will also become available to all subscribers.

Now, without further ado, I announce:





From the heart of blood and darkness, a god is born…

Four people meet at the center of a storm. 
Mourning his deceased wife and carrying the scars of life-altering injuries, former Seattle detective Ronan Church has dedicated himself to the pursuit of a killer only he believes exists…
Rebuilding her life in the wake of unspeakable loss, former refugee Mei Li Tran, now established in her career as a 911 dispatcher, is tested to the limits of her skills even as she faces the demons of her past…
Widowed years before and raising a child alone, Sioux Falls police sergeant Michael Emmerich finds a quiet fulfillment in his work. But a bizarre series of murders and threats, steadily escalating to unprecedented levels, shakes his orderly world and brings his city into the grip of fear…
FBI counter-intelligence officer Petra Schiller comes to Sioux Falls on the trail of a major security breach at the U.S. military’s DARPA research division. What she finds is a revelation more deadly than anything she could have imagined…
All soon find themselves ensnared in a web of terror and violence, conceived by architects whose ambition is nothing less than the destiny of the human race…


Man will be surpassed.



If this has whetted your appetite, sign up below to immediately download a draft of the first chapter today and receive an advance review copy ahead of release!

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